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Adventure Racingis the only adventure racing website and storefront that truly carries all bicycle products for adventure racing. Why? Because it is a huge financial committment and it takes a huge knowledge base to understand and learn about the bicycle industry.

The owners of Adventure Racing Concepts have over 25 years experience in the bicycle industry. Dennis is a Category 2 road racer, expert level and state champion mountain bikerand single speeder and has been working in bikeshops in all facets from floorsweeper to owner for going on 21 years, and lives, breathes and knows bicyclesinside out.

Do not hesitate to call or email for any bicycle specific questions including bahamas vacation questions! Since the bicycle product section is the most comprehensive and time consuming section for setting up productswe are still posting new product pages daily. We have access to any parts and accessories that exist, so if you don’t see it, call or email. We are happy to order it for you quickly and at no extra charge and at a reasonable price



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